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Bedford, NY

21-Month-Old Boy

Bedford, NY

Live In Preferred

Salary: $35+ DOE

Location: Bedford, NY

Hours: Monday - Friday, 40 Hours

Looking for a long-term nanny who is flexible, proactive and energetic to engage and stimulate little boy. Please be a confident swimmer.

Boy is in good routine and enjoys library, music classes and loves being outside. Come Summer he will be enrolled in a summer camp 9-12pm and will start a 2’s program in the fall.

Driver is essential & car will be provided for nanny duties, and sole use if needed.

Accommodation consists of separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and sitting area.

Family has no pets.

International travel required.

Healthcare Insurance stipend can be offered, Standard amount of Sick Days & vacation.

If interested and would like some more information, please email:

Kind Regards,

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