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Brooklyn, NYC

Executive Housekeeper- Cook

Brooklyn, NYC

Location: Brooklyn, NYC

Live out

Thursday - Sunday, 9am - 7pm

$40-$50 p/hr. Dependent on Experience

Executive Housekeeper / Cook Responsibilities

●  Cleaning of the home daily while children are in school or at camp

●  Family laundry

●  Weekly changing of linens

●  Ironing of bed linens

●  Clothing maintenance and storage in off season

●  Maintenance of current organization of home

●  Proactively suggesting and implementing improved organization systems

●  Weekly healthy menu planning and grocery shopping

●  Meal/ smoothie and juice/ appetizer preparation

●  Cooking with ability to follow recipes

●  Setting and serving casual family meals

●  Ordering groceries/ supplies from lists and as needed/ Creating stocking and grocery lists as needed

●  Running errands (dry cleaning pick up etc)

●  Preparing the home for entertaining (de-cluttering, setting out flowers, setting table etc)

●  Greeting of family and guests/ making sure Montauk house is ready for arrival

●  Setting out breakfast and lunch in the summer in Montauk

●  Assisting at dinner parties and BBQs/ daytime entertaining in Montauk

●  Pet care as needed (we have a 13 year old rescue beagle)

●  Generally maintaining beautiful and serene homes, with hotel like attention to detail 

●  Provide flex childcare as needed to allow Nannies to manage logistics of drop off/ pick up

●  Must drive. Can do both city and country driving if we need help with pick ups occasionally

School Year Schedule (September - May)

● The Housekeeper’s hours are Monday through Friday 10:30am to 7:30 pm representing 45 fixed hours a week; there is flexibility in start time, but must finish after kids are in bed/ common spaces are cleaned for the day 

○ Dinner is typically served at 6pm and the kids go to bed at 7pm. The Housekeeper’s daily responsibilities end with post-bedtime clean up of common spaces and breakfast prep for following day.

Summer Schedule (June - August)

●  The Housekeeper’s hours are Thursday through Sunday 9:00am to 7:00 pm representing 40 fixed hours a week with 5 hours attributed to travel to Montauk resulting in 45 paid hours a week.

○  Dinner is typically served at 6pm and the kids go to bed at 7pm. The Housekeeper’s daily responsibilities end with clean up of common spaces, breakfast prep, and closing of the pool and resetting the pool house.

○  In addition to regular responsibilities, the Housekeeper is responsible for “turning over” the guest cottage between guests.

●  Live-in in Montauk (private bedroom and bathroom provided)

House Prep

● The Housekeeper will occasionally be asked to substitute one or two days of work in one house to instead travel to the other house to generally clean and prepare the house (including, for example, grocery shopping). Regular hours and wages will apply with credit of 5 hours for the round trip travel.

Work During Family Travel

●  While the family is traveling the Housekeeper is still expected to work regular hours.

●  Typically responsibilities during this time may include deep cleaning, household assistant-like tasks (pick up dry cleaning, etc), organization, and dog watching. 

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