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Miami, FL

4 Rota Nannies

Miami, FL

Ages: Girl born Dec 2021 & Boy born April 2023

Shared Care

2 Weeks On - 2 Weeks Off, 12-14hrs per day

Location: Miami, FL

This is an absolutely incredible and unique opportunity. Family has only had one nanny in the past & she will be becoming head nanny overseeing & planning of children’s holistic development, health & wellbeing.

This role requires absolute discretion, someone that is highly organized, who has good etiquette & immaculately kept.

Please be aware an NDA will be required.

Additional languages including Russian, Korean, Spanish and Italian a bonus. Please be open to supporting the child on their learning and discovery of new languages.

This is a very loving family who are very involved in their children’s lives, they enjoy going for meals as a family and the nanny will be seen as an extension of this. The family are also young, sociable & athletic, and enjoy involving their children in activities such as paddle with nanny being at hand to help & assist when needed.

No driving required.

Accommodation for the nanny will be a private bedroom and bathroom within the family home whilst on duty. When off duty the family will provide accommodation ‘off-site’, and the nanny will have use of a shared car during this time.

This role would suit a nanny who enjoys cooking and can be creative in the kitchen providing well balanced, tasty, and nutritious meals. The toddler does have a nut allergy.

There will be several trips to the UK up to 90 days each time, accommodation for the nannies 2 weeks off in the UK will be provided. Other international travel will be required.

Family is looking for candidates with a college background in childhood education & development or similar.

Strong swimmer is essential.

Salary $30p/hr. Upwards, Depending on qualifications & Experience.

If interested and would like some more information, please email:

Thank you!
Kind Regards,

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