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Wimbledon (SW)


Wimbledon (SW)

Ages: G (5), B (7), B (9) All children at school.

Live out
55k GBP + depending on experience.

Hours 11am - 7pm Monday - Friday. Flexibility on hours required due to late football practice or early starts if one of the children is sick and help needed with school run.

Some proxy parenting required but rare.

All children very happy, enjoy ballet, football, hockey and generally being outside. Love cooking, baking and arts and crafts.

Driver required. Nanny car provided.

Family have had a nanny before (before lockdown) and is happy to speak to any future nanny.

Travel - school holidays in and outside the UK

Family has a 3-year-old dog.

There is a cleaner and family has gardeners.

Norlander Preferred.

Start date - New Year

If interested, please email me at:

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