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Helping Accomplished Parents find the perfect nanny by using my 15 years of Professionaexperience.

About SL Nanny Agency

(That's Me!)

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Dear Parents,

I am a Norland Nanny who whilst at Norland College received Distinction and a certificate for the highest overall grades in my year.


‘Norland Nannies are famed worldwide for their exceptional training, flexible approach and professionalism’. I feel that my training and experience of fifteen years including special needs, aids me well in being a Nanny Recruitment Consultant, as I have a true understanding of what it means to be a Professional Nanny. I believe this is what sets me apart from other agencies.

I specialize in placing highly qualified nannies, meaning they hold a degree in Education or similar, minimum of 5yrs experience of being a professional nanny, and have passed a screening held by me which is an intense one-hour interview.


“I thought your interview was more thorough than any of the parents have ever interviewed me before!”

Rachel Rupp – Professional nanny, 20 years+ experience, bachelor’s degree in child development.


All nannies have a current First Aid & Clear Background check, including driving background check.


Since 2019 I have been employed by private families all over the states including but not limited to New York, Connecticut, Florida, Colorado, Nebraska & Missouri recruiting dedicated long-term nannies. Templates of NDAs, Trial Agreements and Contracts are available to show the level of experience and competency that I bring.


Finding the right nanny for a family is critical for child development. Children thrive when they are provided with a warm, experienced and knowledgeable nanny who understands your child’s milestones and can meet their needs as an individual. Furthermore, the last thing you want is to have a ‘revolving door’ with childcare. 


After having a consultation with the parent virtually and discussing in full all the expectations, I diligently search, screen and interview candidates. When interviewing potential candidates, we discuss their thoughts on different childhood theorists, child development books they have read recently, meal plans they would provide, top rainy-day activities and other such topics. By doing this, I am able to eliminate any candidates that show red flags, so the nannies that I do pass on, I feel confident are what the client is looking for.


I truly strive to find the perfect fit for each family, however, in the unlikely that a permanent nanny leaves within the first 60 days of commencing the role, you will be entitled to a new nanny placement free of charge.

Here are two recent reviews I have received:


“Sarah is a Norland Nanny that has transitioned into having her own agency. She understands children, family, and private service within the home environment better than anyone I have ever met or spoken to. Her first-hand experience with all types of children and families is mind blowing. Most agents just push resumes hoping something will stick. With Sarah I found someone who truly listens to the parents/children and tailors her search specifically for the individual family. Sarah has placed 5 nannies with me and they have all been excellent. Four were Norland and one American.”


"Sarah has been a tremendous resource through our nanny search. She has demonstrated a lot of knowledge about the process and industry and guided us through the ups-and-downs of the search process. We are so happy with the nanny we found through Sarah's services."


I would be delighted to hold a zoom call with you, free of charge to discuss your family’s needs. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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