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Questions & Answers

How long does it take to find a nanny?

Unlike most agencies that post jobs and wait for candidates to come to them, I spend my days searching & making connections with dedicated & professional nannies. No stone is left unturned, until I find the best fit for your family. I don't make promises I can't keep, but be rest assured, I am working as hard and as fast as I can to ensure I have happy clients.

How much should I be paying for my nanny?

Salaries are based on qualifications and years of experience. I strive to provide top quality nannies who have a degree in child development or similar, who have experience being a nanny and see this as a life long career, not a 'babysitting' role. Nannies who will strive to provide the top quality childcare for your little ones and help them thrive to their full potential. If I do not feel that someone reaches the right standards, I will not put them forward to just show that I found someone. Your child's wellbeing is at my foremost importance. Being a nanny myself for 15 years, I want to be able to help even  more children, and I feel like I can achieve this by being a high standard agency.  In my eyes, you can't put a price on that, children are the future. However, I work with all budgets and try and find the best fit.


Do the nannies have background checks & First Aid + CPR?

Yes, all the nannies have to provide a police background check which shows their driving background too. If they have not had one done, I recommend doing an FBI background check where they submit thier fingerprints. Please see link for more info:
Identity History Summary Checks — FBI
If anything whatsoever is discovered on their background, no matter  how minor it may of been, such as driving 1-10mph over the speed limit 19 years ago, I will disclose with the client the record and ask how they wish to proceed. I am incredibly open and honest.  

If their first aid + CPR has expired, it is expected that they will renew it before commencing the role. Although this is rarely the case, as career nannies  know the importance of being up to date.

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