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What Clients are saying about SL Nanny Agency

Client G

Advice & Support

I reached out to Sarah as I was having issues with bedtime and after a lot of getting to know us and our requirements, she suggested some clear goals with tips and tricks to help us to achieve them. Sarah is very personable and easy to relate to, makes you feel like you can achieve what she suggests and nothing is too big of a problem. I highly recommended Sarah for any help you may need, whether it be big or small.

Client C

I really can’t think of anything you could have done better. You found excellent candidates - and quickly! You were super helpful in pre-interviewing them. Super helpful with the paperwork and basic negotiations. I’ve worked with two other agencies over the years and you are by far the best. Oh, and you were very responsive throughout.

Client B

Since our time together we have stayed in touch and she has been my main resource for everything from drinking from a cup to a biting toddler, she has an endless supply of advice and research. Most recently I hired Sarah as a Nanny Consultant to help me find, screen and interview potential Nannies. She also worked closely with me to form and negotiate a contract. Her standards are exceptionally high and I knew she would ask questions that I would not think of. It is very important that our Nanny truly understands child development, milestones, safety, has endurance, kindness, is comfortable in private service and works well with us as a team. The US does not train Nannies like other countries and although there are some excellent ones, Sarah was able to weed out those who were not a fit. She was successful in placing us with a Nanny we adore and trust completely. I believe that Sarah’s ability to relate “Nanny to Nanny” with those she spoke with was key. She is understanding, has a phenomenal education, and broad work/life experiences.

Client H

Advice & Support
You have been fab and have answered all my questions and just been so genuinely helpful so thank you!!X

Client A

Sarah has been a tremendous resource through our nanny search. She has demonstrated a lot of knowledge about the process and industry, and guided us through the ups-and-downs of the search process. We are so happy with the nanny we found through Sarah's services.

Client E

“Sarah is a Norland Nanny that has transitioned into having her own agency. She understands children, family, and private service within the home environment better than anyone I have ever met or spoken to. Her first-hand experience with all types of children and families is mind blowing. Most agents just push resumes hoping something will stick. With Sarah I found someone who truly listens to the parents/children and tailors her search specifically for the individual family. Sarah has placed 5 nannies with me and they have all been excellent. Four were Norland and one American.”

Client F

"Hi Sarah, 


I have read, signed, and returned. We are all good to go! 


I am so thankful for everything you’ve done! I also appreciate you having those few things I mentioned included. You’ve been so kind and I appreciate all of your helpful suggestions and dedication to have a good match. 


I am confident this will be a good match for a long time. 




H "

Client D

I did want to jump on here and express my deep gratitude for all the work you’ve been doing.  The quality of your work and your dedication to getting a great nanny for M reflected in our call with Tania yesterday. 

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her! The conversation was so easy and natural and she engaged with M so well. M had so much fun too clapping and talking to Tania in her secret baby language. I feel good about Tania and P also enjoyed the call. Big big thank you to you for connecting us to her.

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