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Easter Treats

Super simple and irresistibly tasty!

🐣What you will need:

🐥Shredded wheat.

🐣Chocolate for melting.

🐤Something to resemble eggs.

First grease a muffin/cupcake tray. If you have a mini tray, this will allow you to make mini nests which are great for little fingers.

Break shredded wheat up in a large bowl. How much you wish to break up depends on how many nests you would like to make. These are easy to make, so you can always make more again quickly!

Next melt the chocolate. The amount of shredded wheat you have broken up, will on determine the amount of chocolate, but you will want enough to cover all the shredded wheat.

Once the shredded wheat is mixed with the melted chocolate, press into the muffin tray (forming a nest shape). Make sure that the sides of the tin are covered.

Place in fridge.

When 'nests' are hardened, carefully use a round edge knife to pop the nests out.

Insert your eggs, and enjoy!

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