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Shaking & Making Butter!

Are your little ones full of beans?

Play some fun songs & get shaking! This activity is sure to keep them busy!

What you need:

Heavy Whipping Cream

Mason Jar

…. Yes that's really it!

Simply pour the cream into your jar until it is half full.


First you will make whipped cream.... Have a sneaky taste, then... Keep SHAKING!

How will you know when you are finished?

You will start to see what looks like white liquid sloshing around in the jar, and hear that something is thudding!

Take a peak!

There is your butter! The liquid around it is butter milk, simply drain that off and store in the fridge for baking or cooking.

I decided to shake mine a little bit more after draining off the buttermilk, just to make sure I had separated it all.

Then pop your butter onto a dish and enjoy!

I sprinkled some Sea Salt on mine, as I don't think there is anything better than salty butter on a slice of toast!

I hope you have as much fun as I did... I'm not sure I will be buying butter ever again!

*This is fresh butter, so it is best stored in an air tight container in the fridge if you wish for it to last longer.

To last even longer, rinse your butter under cold water and softly kneed it to remove excess buttermilk, do this until water runs clear. Pat dry with a paper towel and store in an air tight container.

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