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Natural Bird Feeder... Calling all nature lovers!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Calling all nature lovers! This is a terrific activity to encourage more birds into your garden.

When you are out on your daily walks and adventures, see if you can find any pine cones. Pinecones can be found near conifer (pine) trees and in conifer dominated woodland.

The first step after collecting your pinecones is to place them into a tin and cover them in peanut or almond butter with a spoon. Ensure there is a good coating on the pinecone.

Next pour some bird seed into the tin and shake the pinecones around to get an even coating of birdseed. If you do not have birdseed, this can be made using a selection of seeds and nuts such as, sunflower seeds, plain peanuts (chopped), dried fruit. Experiment with different items and see which birds like which food the most.

Leave this to dry.

Once the peanut/almond butter is dry, using thread or string, tie a knot around the top of the pinecone (the part that was connected to the tree). Then tie to tree.

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